Acorn Stairlift and Bruno Stairlift in Ardmore, Marlton, Wilmington and Surrounding Areas

Do you or someone staying at your house have issues moving around your house, especially if you have to run down the stairs? Then, it is time to install a stairlift at your home. We, at Interstate Lift, can help you with a good quality, easy to use, and reasonable Stannah and Acorn stairlift or chairlift. Being in this field for more than 40 years, we have built a substantial reputation amongst our clients and a solid customer base in and around areas like Ardmore, King of Prussia, Marlton, Newark DE, Philadelphia, and Wilmington.

Are you thinking whether it is time for you to install a stairlift or chairlift? Well, here we have a few signs that you should. Take a look.

  1. Painful Aches on Running Upstairs & Downstairs

When one grows old, painful aches and pains become a part and parcel of life, and more so if the person regularly climbs the stairs. If you want to alleviate this pain, then you have to install a chairlift or stairlift at home.

  1. Burden on Family Members or Domestic Help

Do you have to depend on others to move upstairs or downstairs? Well, it is true that a family member can never be a burden on their loved ones but it is also a fact that being dependent on others can be quite inconvenient. You have to move according to the other person’s convenience, and the other person also has to adjust according to your needs. Instead of all this trouble, buy a stairlift and be independent.

  1. Feeling Dizzy, Out of Breath, or Afraid to Climb Stairs

Do you feel dizzy and out of breath while climbing the stairs? Are you afraid of falling down or tripping over something while running up and down the stairs? Then, a stairlift can be your assurance. It will provide you with the support and confidence to climb up and down on your own.

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