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Will the stairlift block my staircase? Will it interfere with doorways next to the staircase?

When not in use, the seat, foot rest and armrests lift up so they do not interfere with normal passage in the stairway or landing. Because a stairlift rail extends to the lower landing so the user can safely transfer, a door or passageway next to the staircase could be partially obstructed. But Interstate Lift can install a power-hinged rail that allows the track to raise out of the way when not in use, and automatically lower when needed. The remote control can send the chair upstairs and fold the track out of the way.

Is a stairlift comfortable?

Stairlifts-Stannah-Siena-Top-of-stairs-faqInterstate technicians have the experience to properly customize the lift for your specific needs. Your unit will be adjusted to your height, and you’ll find an Interstate stairlift — from a top manufacturer — rides very smoothly and starts and stops gently, with no jolt. During our free in-home visit we will help you choose the unit just right for you, so you can enjoy every level of your home without having to climb stairs.

Is it tricky to transfer to and from the seat?

Swivel seats that turn and lock into position allow the user to transfer and dismount in safety both at the top and bottom of the stairs. Our power swivel seats automatically turn the seat at the upper landing for safe, effortless entry and exit. The seat also acts as a barrier, preventing the user from potentially falling back down the stairs.

Will I need special electrical connections? What if we lose power?

Because all of our units plug into common household outlets, they need no special wiring. Stairlifts are energy efficient, costing just pennies to run. And you won’t need to fear that an electrical storm or some other problem that cuts your power will leave you stranded. Hidden on the back of the rail is a narrow copper strip that constantly trickle-charges the battery, so it is always full. This virtually eliminates the biggest cause of service calls (flat batteries) for the more basic stairlifts you may see advertised. The battery charger is a white box plugged into a standard outlet. In the event of a power outage the stairlift will typically give you 15-20 roundtrips on battery power alone.

How safe are stair lifts?

Our customers find these products completely safe — and certainly a lot safer than risking a fall while walking up or down a staircase. Our stairlifts have built-in safety sensors that automatically stop the unit if anything is in the way. Other sensors make sure the stairlift always stops gently in the correct position on the staircase.

All of our models are provided with seat belts to enhance your security. And the quality construction of our stairway lifts means there are no sharp metal edges or exposed electrical wiring.

Why are some stairlifts for sale on the internet at a lower price?

Beware of purchasing a stairlift online. While you think the price may be lower, please consider that there are hidden fees, including installation and trouble-shooting calls. The cost of a stairlift bought online will end up being the same or more than buying it directly from a dealer. Buying from a local company such as Stannah Interstate Lift, with its trained service staff, a variety of top-quality brands and a track record of satisfied customers (and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau) is definitely the way to go.

Is there only one model, or can I get a stairlift for the way my home is designed?

We offer a variety of models from such top manufacturers as Stannah to accommodate every type of straight or curved stairs, and stairways with tight or unusual landings. We also install chair lifts for outside use so you don’t have to risk climbing steps to your front door. Interstate Lift has years of experience installing stairlifts in public buildings to assist disabled access.

How complicated is a stair lift to operate?

Stairlifts-Stannah-illuminated-switch-about-usOur stairway lifts operate with a single switch on the armrest, which means you can control it with just one finger. In addition, our units can also be controlled by a remote device (shown). This allows you to send the unoccupied unit up or down and also allows a family member or caregiver to operate the chairlift for you. The built-in lock can be activated to prevent unwanted use of the stairlift.

Will installing the chair lift harm my stairs, walls or banister?

Your stairlift will be measured and prepared for your particular needs before it arrives, so installation takes just a few hours. And since the units are attached to every 3rd or 4th step of your stairs, the installation will not harm walls or floors, and can be removed in the future without a trace.

I’m on a limited budget. Must I purchase the stairlift, or can I lease it?

We are very sensitive to budget limitations, particularly to those of our senior citizens. We provide rental or leasing options. Renting the stairlift is also helpful for anyone not anticipating long-term disability, such as someone recovering from surgery. Let us work with you for the chair lift solution that fits your needs, because we’re the stair lift specialists!

I’m having problems climbing the steps to my front door. Can a chairlift be installed outside the home?

Stannah Interstate Lift offers several models of stair escalators designed for exterior stairways; one unit is pictured at right. They have been engineered from the ground up to withstand a wide range of outdoor conditions and are tested at full load for the equivalent of 10 years of use. An exterior stair lift provides all-weather access to your front door, deck or other outside accessibility need.

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