Acorn stairlift in King of Prussia PA and Wilmington DE

Facts about Acorn Stairlift – types, features and benefits

Houses with stairs often present some form of difficulty to people suffering from leg weakness due to aging or experience infirmity. It is here where a stairlift can act as a practical means to allow them to manage their life well. If you or any of your closed one is suffering from mobility issues, then without any hesitation invest an Acorn stairlift from Interstate Lift and enjoy untold benefits. We offer these lifts in different varieties that will help to reduce the stress and danger to move up as well as down the stairs devoid of any assistance. Most importantly, this way one can enjoy their freedom and dignity. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Jenkintown, Marlton, Moorestown, Newark DE, Philadephia and Priceton.

The different types

We offer these stairlifts in both curved and straight models to help you choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Curved- this variety costs more compared to the straight shape. The curved stair lifts will offer mobility to cater every form of home and are ideal for stairs that are curved. No matter one is suffering from mobility issues due to illness or age the ability of moving from story to story will no longer be an impossibility or inconvenience
  • Straight- this variety is ideal for stairs that are straight. The best part is it can be easily and quickly fitted and help one regain the utilization of every room in the house. It comes in different lengths to cater the different staircases.

No matter the style you prefer or need we can have you covered. Post installment of these stairlifts at home, you are sure to enjoy a bunch of benefits, namely- it is reliable, quiet and can be managed easily, comes with the footrest and seat that is truly comfortable, has rechargeable batteries, has an advanced self diagnostic display and most importantly is equipped with the latest technology and safety features. To know more call us today.



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