Cherry Hill, Wilmington, South Jersey, NJ Acorn Stairlift

An Acorn stairlift can help you regain the freedom of movement in your home

Stairlifts provide countless people with easy access between different levels of their homes. If you have problems navigating a flight of stairs in your home, then an Acorn stairlift can be the solution you need. Interstate Lift is an authorized dealer for Acorn Stairlifts and they carry a comprehensive of stair chairs and related mobility products.

With an Acorn stairlift you can regain access to all levels and floors of your home. You don’t need to sleep downstairs or even sell your home simply because of mobility problems. You can get an Acorn stairlift for just about any type of staircase. Whether you have straight stairs, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landing, there is an Acorn stair chair with your name on it.

Now you might think that stairlifts are way too expensive and out of your reach. Well that is not true. An Acorn Stairlift is an affordable stair chair and your dealer can also advise you about payment and even short-term rental options.

You might also think that you need structural changes to your home to accommodate a stairlift. Wrong! An Acorn chair lift travels along a track attached to the rails of your staircase. Installation is easy and does not require structural alteration.

All Acorn Stairlifts are user-friendly, easy and safe to operate and use, have low maintenance and low operating costs. Acorn stairlifts are ergonomically designed, have advanced safety features, are compact and quiet and can fold away when not in use.

You can have the freedom of mobility in your home right now. All you have to do is call your local agent and they arrange fast installation of your stair chair. You dint have to be frustrated or embarrassed because you have difficulties negotiating a flight of stairs. An Acorn stairlift can help solve your mobility problems.


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