Chairlift in Marlton, Wilmington, and the Surrounding Areas

Do you have mobility issues or have someone at home who is suffering from such a predicament? We, at Interstate Life, completely understand this situation, and provide you with an Acorn and Stannah stairlift and chairlift in and around Cherry Hill, Marlton, Philadelphia, Princeton, South Jersey, and Wilmington that will make your life easy and convenient. We are a family business with more than 40 years of experience in this industry. We have a team of reliable professionals who will provide you the right product as per your needs and home design. However, if you are installing such a product for the first time in life, you are likely to have a few queries.  

So, here we have jotted down the most common queries one can have with respect to these products. Take a look.  

  1. Do these stairlifts have only one model or can I find one according to my home design?  

If you choose the right company like Interstate Lift, then you will get a wide range of products from some leading manufacturers that will accommodate all kinds of stairs, from straight to curved, or tight to unique landings. Some companies can also install chairlifts for outside use, eliminating the risks of climbing steps of your entrance doors.  

  1. Is it quite complex to operate a stairlift? 

Most of the renowned companies have a single switch operation on the armrest, indicating that you have to control it with just one finger. Some units are also controlled by a remote which enables you to send the unoccupied unit up or down along with the convenience of it being operated by any other family member or caregiver. There is also a built-in lock that can be activated to put an end to its unwanted use.  

  1. Are the stairlifts safe? 

If you purchase the right products from good brands, then safety is completely assured. The top-rated ones have built-in safety sensors that automatically stop it if there is something obstructing its way. And the presence of other sensors ensures that the stairlift stops gently in the proper position on the stairway. There are also seatbelts for additional security.  

So, hopefully, your main queries have been answered. Now you should think of buying these essential products. Give us a call at 800-248-8800 or 215-335-7940 now.  

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