Chairlift in Philadelphia and Moorestown

If the staircase stands amid you as well as the upstairs of the home, a chairlift from a reputable company such as Interstate Lift will act as the right solution to stay safe and gain back the whole living space. To future-proof a home is a vital constituent to continue to live in it during the golden years. Most of the homes unfortunately were not built for supporting the demands of people having mobility problems. But with the modern chairlifts there is simply nothing to worry about. These can be easily installed in the stairs and help people facing mobility issues. This way you will have peace of mind learning that your elderly loved ones will safely remain independent in the current home without having to shift elsewhere. Every lift that we offer is made with utmost safety in mind and comes with a guarantee. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Ardmore, King of Prussia, Marlton, Moorestown, Philadelphia and Princeton.

Learn more about the benefits

  • With our chairlifts, you can enjoy the peace of mind and independence knowing that with a mere click of a button, your elderly loved one will be transported safely up and down the stairs. This way they can take pleasure of the home both independently and safely
  • It will keep your loved ones safe by eliminating the risk completely missing a step, slipping, tripping or become dizzy or tired. The modern chairlifts are smart and can sense objects which may come in its path as well as prevent collisions. It is also safe in case of children as it needs a key for activating the lift.
  • These lifts can be used for carrying things such as laundry up the stairs and down devoid of worrying about not seeing the stairs. With these lifts the rider will feel confident and safe from the very first ride
  • The chairlifts are economical and practical as well. It can be installed within a day

Apart from these, the other benefits of installing these lifts include flexibility and a lifetime warranty. To know more call us today.

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