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A stair chair solves mobility problems in a multi-level home

If you have a multi-level home, you will normally use a flight of stairs to get from one level to another. That is all fine, but what if something happens that results is some handicap and makes it difficult for you or a loved on to continue using a staircase in the normal way? A stair chair is an ingenious product that can solve mobility issues is multi-level homes. If you need a stair chair in King of Prussia, South Jersey or Wilmington, then Interstate Lift can help. They supply and install a range of stair lifts including brands such as Stannah, Acorn and Bruno.

Whether you call them stair chairs, chair lifts, stair glides or stair lifts, the refer to the same thing. A track attached your staircase and chair that glides along the track, up or down. Since the track is easy to modify, stair chairs can work just about any type of staircase. So it does not matter if you have straight stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs, outdoor stairs, or even stairs with landings. There is a stair chair system that will work with your stairs.

If you need a stair lift, you don’t have to wait weeks or spend money on alterations and construction. Interstate Lift can install your stair chair in a matter of hours. So whether you have straight stairs in King of Prussia, curved stairs in South Jersey or spiral stairs in Wilmington, Interstate can help you with a stair chair solution.

You don’t need to suffer the frustration of limited access in your own home. You dint need to move to a new home because of mobility problems. A stair lift is a practical and affordable solution to obstacles presented by a staircase in your multi-level home.


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