South Jersey Chair Lift Rental

Have you recently got your leg fractured? Are you unable to walk up and down the stairs with the plastered leg? If yes, then the only thing that you can do to smoothly move up and down the stair is by installing a chair lift. Now, you must be definitely thinking that, why would you invest in buying and installation of a stairlift when your legs will be absolutely fine within a couple of months, isn’t it? Well, you can rent it too instead of buying it. There are many companies in Delran, Newark DE, Philadelphia, South Jersey and Wilmington that provides chair lift rental. But, among those companies, there’s one that garnered quite a lot of popularity over the years. Wondering which company is that? It’s none other than Interstate Lift.

3 Reasons to Rent/Purchase a Chairlift from Interstate Lift

If you are in a dilemma whether you should rent a chairlift from our company or not then, its better you go through the points given below. These points will give you enough reasons to rent this device from us, instead of the other companies. Read on.

  • We have ample experience– Interstate Lift is one of those companies that have been providing several residents of Delran, Newark DE, Philadelphia, South Jersey and Wilmington with chair-stair devices since forty years. Yes, that’s right. We have been in this business for almost four decades. And, in these many years, we have not just increased our customer base, but have also made good connections with several chairlift manufacturers in the USA. So, don’t you think our experience is enough for you to choose us over the others?
  • Our products are branded– The stairlift that we will provide you with, won’t be manufactured by any local company; all of them are manufactured by well-known companies only such as Acorn and Stannah. Hence, you can be rest assured that the product we will give you for rent won’t be of bad quality.
  • We have a skilled team- The team of Interstate Lift consist of people who are highly-skilled when it comes to installing and repairing chair lifts. Plus, they are courteous enough too when it comes to dealing clients. Once you call us for installing this device, our efficient team will reach your home in no time, discuss your requirements and talk to you about the service, as well as the maintenance options available. So basically, you don’t even have to visit us. We’ll come and solve your issue.

Now, after going through these points, don’t you think we are worth choosing? If yes, then immediately call us at 800-248-8800.

South Jersey Chair Lift Rental from Interstate Lift help you stay at home even when stairs become a challenge. Contact us today for more information.


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