Stair Chair in Jenkintown, South Jersey, Wilmington, and the Surrounding Areas

Stairs are believed to be the most dangerous part of a house for senior citizens as they face a lot of hardship in climbing it. One of the best solutions to such a problem would be to use a stair chair. So, have you zeroed-in on your professional stair chair company? There seem to be numerous companies that will help to install your stair chair. However, it is always wise to go for a company that is reliable in more ways than one. If you reside in and around areas like Cherry Hill, Jenkintown, Newark DE, Princeton, South Jersey or Wilmington, then look no further. We, at Interstate Lift, have more than 40 years of experience when it comes to installing and servicing stair lifts and no one knows about stair lifts more than we do.  

However, there are certain aspects that need to be contemplated upon while choosing a professional stair chair company. To make your work easier, here is a list of the top three questions that would need to be addressed. Zeroing-in on these points would help you to choose the perfect stairlift company. Take a look.  

  • What is Your Experience? – This is the most important question that you would need to ask thestairlift company. When it comes to choosing the perfect company, you would have to check its experience. This will give you a brief idea as to whether they are even worth hiring or not. As for Interstate Lift, we have ample years of experience in providing stair lifts for senior citizens.  
  • Are There Any Positive Customer Feedback?- Before hiring a company, you should always make sure to ask about the company about the customer reviews, if any. By going through the reviews, you will be able to get adequate knowledge about the efficiency of the company and its employees.  
  • What are Your Service Charges?- This is yet another question that you must ask to know if the service charges will fit your budget or not. It would be best to opt for a company having low service charges.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the questions to ask for when hiring a good company, make sure to use it to the best of your advantage. Contact with our professionals at 800-248-8800 or 215-335-7940 to request a free in-home evaluation.   

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