Stair lifts in Newark, Wilmington, DE and Ardmore, PA

Stair lifts can restore access and mobility

There is no need to let a flight of stairs restrict your free movement in your own home. Stair lifts have enabled countless handicapped people to access different floors in their home. Whether old age or some illness or handicap has made navigating a flight of stairs a difficult proposition, then a stair chair could well be the solution you need. Interstate Lift supplies and install stair lifts in South Jersey and Wilmington. When you have a stair lift you can easily glide from level in your home to another.

You see a stair chair or stair lift (they refer to the same thing) glides along a track that is attached to your stair case. You simply get into the chair, press a button and off you go, up or down, as often as you need. No might think that your stair case is not practical because it is curved, or has an intermediate landing – and therefore a stair chair won’t work with your stairs. Well that is not true. In fact, the folk at Interstate say they still have to find a stair case that won’t accommodate their stair lifts.

Because the track is adaptable, it can be made to fit just about any type of stairs, straight stairs, wide stairs, narrow stairs, curved stairs, spiral stairs and even stairs with median or intervening landings. Once the track is in place your stair glide is ready for action.

Modern day stair lifts such as those manufactured by Stannah, Acorn or Bruno are safe and easy to use. They have many safety features and are battery powered, so they won’t get stuck when the main power goes.

So take back your freedom of movement with a stair chair of choice. The experts at Interstate Lift will advise bout the various stair lifts and the best option for you.


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