Stairlift rental in Wilmington and South Jersey, NJ

Why choose stairlift rental services?

Often buying a stairlift is not within one’s means or their requirement may be for a brief time period. We at Interstate Lift understand this and thus offer stairlift rental services to people residing in and around Philadelphia, South Jersey and Wilmington.

Our rental packages and its key features

  • The initial expenditure will cover both the installation and removal of the lift when it is no longer needed
  • The best part is you can rent a stairlift with the initial expenditure to include a month’s rental and pay the monthly rental fee
  • You can choose to buy it at any time
  • It will remain our property which means we cover the maintenance of the stairlift in accordance to the standard warranty

To rent a stairlift from us will offer you the choice of trying before buying thereby giving you the utmost peace of mind because every rental stairlift repair and maintenance will be covered. Our staffs understand how to rent a stairlift will mean the difference amid remaining in your abode or shifting to an elderly care home. Ever since our foray in this industry, we have helped countless people with mobility issues. From complex curved models to simple straight we offer all forms of stairlifts for rent. The biggest benefit of choosing our rental services is that it will offer you advanced stairlift technologies within your budget as renting it will act as a cost effective choice to fit in your home. This is a wonderful choice for those who do not want the expense and the worry of the servicing and maintenance price of a stairlift. The icing on the cake is we will take care both of the call out costs and servicing for the rental duration. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right away.


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