Stannah Stairlift in South Jersey, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Surrounding Areas

A Stannah stairlift gives you back the freedom you thought you’d lost. Simply realizing you can get about in your own home in solace and complete well-being is a load off your brain. They can breathe a sigh of relief, protected in the information you’re protected on your stairs. Stannah stairlifts are the world’s biggest maker of straight and bent stairlifts and presumably are the most notable provider.

Let us look at the reasons for choosing the Stannah stairlift

man riding a Stannah Stairlift in Delaware City
  • All Stannah stairlift seats turn at the top or lower part of the steps, so the rider can get off securely. This instrument permits the client to turn the seat to confront away from the steps, by basically proceeding to hold the hand control or utilizing the remote. The seat can likewise be turned once again into the riding position utilizing the remote, to permit others to utilize the steps.
  • For straight steps, Stannah offers a retractable rail that raises and brings down naturally as the seat rides all over the steps. This is an extraordinary choice if the rail would represent a possible stumbling peril at the lower part of the steps or on the other hand if there is an entryway in the manner. 
  • Stannah’s indoor stairlift models accompany upholstery decisions and the scope of varieties to match your home’s style. The Starla even provides you with the choice of getting woven upholstery and light or dim wood trim. 

At Interstate Lift, we comprehend the choice to have a step lift introduced in your home may be troublesome, yet we’re here to help. We value offering expert, cordial, and caring support to every one of our clients. We work with you to ensure you have the right step lift to suit your requirements and your financial plan. Contact us if you reside around South Jersey, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Delran areas. 

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