Wilmington, Delaware Acorn Stairlift from Interstate Lift

Is any of your family member suffering from mobility issues, then we at Interstate Lift can be your savior. We are a leading provider of various forms of lifts with the Acorn stair lift being our highest selling product. Every model that we offer will cater to the specific needs and requirements of an individual. To leave an elderly or disabled person at home will result in a distressing feeling. But not any more. Be rest assured our lifts will be the best solution to offer your loved ones their independence and freedom. It will allow them to climb the stairs up and down safely and conveniently. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Ardmore, Jenkintown, King of Prussia, Marlton, Moorestown and Wilmington.

The 3 most popular Acorn Lifts

With acorn lifts the two best characteristics that you can enjoy include functionality and security. The seat has been specially designed considering the user’s safety. The best part is it comes with rechargeable batteries that will keep the lifts running smoothly during a power cut. The most popular Acorn Lifts include,

  • Outdoor lifts- this is utilized for outdoor staircases and have been designed in a way that these are resistant against rain and sun without having any damage. Every model is durable and strong and unlike lifts of other brands have higher resistance and endurance power. Although it is a little expensive but is an absolute value for money.
  • Straight lifts- this is the most commonly used lifts at home. The best part about straight lifts is that they can fit easily with aligned or straight staircases. Above all they are very comfortable to use.
  • Curved lifts- this lift will work well in a house that has many twists or bends in the staircase. It is custom built and you cannot carry it along as it will only fit that particular house.

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Wilmington, Delaware Acorn Stairlift from Interstate Lift is reliable, affordable, and will make stair challenges a thing of the past. Call today for details!

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