Stair Lift Repair in Wilmington, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and the Surrounding Areas

For mobility challenged individuals who need to go up and down a flight of stairs in their homes, there are several different types of stair lifts available. These lifts are mainly suitable for elderly citizens.  If you are in search for a company that provides different types of stair lifts as well specializes in stair lift repair, then you can resort to us, at Interstate Lift, as we can provide you with the right help to you. We will ensure to provide you with some of the best stairway solutions at reasonable prices. Our goal is for you to stay safely at home living your independent life.  

If you are wondering about the different types of a stair lift, then be sure to give this blog a thorough read. Take a look.  

  • Straight Stair Lift– One of the most recognizable types is the straight stairlift which attaches to the stair treads by way of a straight rail on which a chair can glide up and down. Such kinds of lifts are suitable for users who can walk but not climb the stairs and don’t need to transport anything up and down but themselves.  
  • Curved Stair Lift–   This is a standard variation of the straight stairlift that has a rail and which can easily fit the shape of a winding or curved staircase. Both straight and curved stairlifts have a seat that is either fixed or folds up and down. However, this kind of a seat installed will depend both on the needs of the user as well as the space available on the stairs and landings of a particular home.    
  • Platform Stair Lifts– Yet another variation, these are designed to be large and strong enough to hold a wheelchair. These are appropriate for individuals who can’t transfer from a sitting position in a wheelchair to the chair in a standard stair lift.

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