Stair lifts in Moorestown, South Jersey and Wilmington NJ

Stair lifts for all types of homes and stairs

If a staircase in your multi-level home presents and obstacle, then there is a solution. Many people rely on stair lifts to move from one floor to another. Interstate Lift can supply and install a stairlift in your home and give you back your freedom of movement. So if you struggle to navigate the straight stairs in your South Jersey home or the curved staircase in your Wilmington residence, then Interstate can help.

They provide accessibility solutions in the form of stair lifts or stair chairs. There is no reason to be intimidated by your stair case. A stairlift or glide is a practical and affordable solution to your mobility problems. There are many people who can’t navigate a flight of stairs due to a handicap, old age, illness or injury. So if you or a loved one has difficult climbing those stairs, simply get a stair lift.

Stair lifts are known by different names such as stair chairs, chair glides and chair lifts. There are many different types of stair lifts, but they all serve the same purpose – to transport a person from one level in a home to another. They can even be used to transport small packages and parcels.

Some of the leading names in stair lifts are Acorn, Bruno and Stannah. Between them they make a wide range of stair chairs so there will be a stair lift that is right for you and your home. So it does matter whether you have a fancy home, a mid-range, a modern home or an old home. Stair lifts come in different designs, styles and finishes. You are sure to find one that matches the décor and style of your home.

It also does not matter whether you have curved indoor stairs or narrow outdoor stairs. A stairlift glides on a track and the smart engineers at Interstate will adapt the track to fit your stair case.


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